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   R.J. is also a Variety Artist whose remarkable skills (Magic, Juggling, Stilt-walking, Fire-eating, Ventriloquism, and others) are combined with his stage and film work.

    He has worked on projects that required the reading of intricate monologues and dialogue while doing his skills at the same time.

     Some of his projects include: A Juggler on “LAW AND ORDER”, a stilt-walking Uncle Sam for “THE APPRENTICE”, the lead in “BEYOND BELIEF” as tortured magician Todd, and recently as Fire-eater Tony 'Volcano' Valenci in "DOWN IN FLAMES".

     With a  supply of over 400 custom costumes to create themes from Sports to Medieval, and he combines them with his skills so, almost any theme, time-period, or concept can be created or achieved.

MAGICIAN- Sleight-of-Hand Master

JUGGLER- Balls, Rings, Clubs, Knives

FIRE EATER- Torches and Blow-Outs

VENTRILOQUIST - Figures and Puppets