A Brief Bio



Telephone: 908-387-0114

e-mail: rj@arjayent.com

Name: R.J. Lewis

Age Range: 50-70

Birthday: July 30th

Skills: Magic, Juggling Ventriloquism, Fire

Accents: British Dialects

Singer: Baritone

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair: Gray

Eyes: Blue/Green

   Born and raised in New Jersey, R.J. caught the performing “bug” at a young age, presenting songs, plays, and puppet shows for anyone who would watch.  He began acting in amateur theater at the age of 13 and upon graduating High School, went to study in New York at the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts.

    Seeing a magician (Chris Capehart) performing on the streets, R.J. found a new interest, the art of magic.  He began to learn and in one year, began to present sleight-of-hand to bystanders on the streets of Manhattan, and earned a living by passing the hat.

   During those years, R.J. did Dinner Theater productions and earned his Equity card in a touring production of “Jim Thorpe, All-American”.

   He also mastered his manipulation skills, and while performing in Schubert Alley, was seen by the casting director of the musical “BARNUM”.  R.J. won a role in the show and completed the 2 year run playing several parts.

   He then spent the next few years working the casinos in Atlantic City, in revue shows and doing walk-around characters, also working in films and television roles.  

    R.J. returned to the New York area to do Off-Broadway and be a part of the Broadway company of “The High Rollers”. R.J. is currently playing the lead role as the Magic Maker in the Stephen Schwartz Musical "MAGIC TO DO" onboard the Ruby Princess for Princess Cruises.